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Almost all of my javascript code has been moved over to its new home at The Javascript Toolbox. Please go there to find the latest scripts, information, etc. These pages will remain here for a while for historical purposes in case anyone needs a production copy of old code.
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Source file with comments removed and whitespace reduced (3k)
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NOTE: You also need to download mktree.css, plus.gif, minus.gif, bullet.gif

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// ===================================================================
// Author: Matt Kruse <>
// WWW:
// NOTICE: You may use this code for any purpose, commercial or
// private, without any further permission from the author. You may
// remove this notice from your final code if you wish, however it is
// appreciated by the author if at least my web site address is kept.
// You may *NOT* re-distribute this code in any way except through its
// use. That means, you can include it in your product, or your web
// site, or any other form where the code is actually being used. You
// may not put the plain javascript up on your site for download or
// include it in your javascript libraries for download. 
// If you wish to share this code with others, please just point them
// to the URL instead.
// Please DO NOT link directly to my .js files from your site. Copy
// the files to your server and use them there. Thank you.
// ===================================================================

function addEvent(o,e,f){if(o.addEventListener){o.addEventListener(e,f,true);return true;}else if(o.attachEvent){return o.attachEvent("on"+e,f);}else{return false;}}
function setDefault(name,val){if(typeof(window[name])=="undefined" || window[name]==null){window[name]=val;}}
function expandTree(treeId){var ul = document.getElementById(treeId);if(ul == null){return false;}expandCollapseList(ul,nodeOpenClass);}
function collapseTree(treeId){var ul = document.getElementById(treeId);if(ul == null){return false;}expandCollapseList(ul,nodeClosedClass);}
function expandToItem(treeId,itemId){var ul = document.getElementById(treeId);if(ul == null){return false;}var ret = expandCollapseList(ul,nodeOpenClass,itemId);if(ret){var o = document.getElementById(itemId);if(o.scrollIntoView){o.scrollIntoView(false);}}}
function expandCollapseList(ul,cName,itemId){if(!ul.childNodes || ul.childNodes.length==0){return false;}for(var itemi=0;itemi<ul.childNodes.length;itemi++){var item = ul.childNodes[itemi];if(itemId!=null &&{return true;}if(item.nodeName == "LI"){var subLists = false;for(var sitemi=0;sitemi<item.childNodes.length;sitemi++){var sitem = item.childNodes[sitemi];if(sitem.nodeName=="UL"){subLists = true;var ret = expandCollapseList(sitem,cName,itemId);if(itemId!=null && ret){item.className=cName;return true;}}}if(subLists && itemId==null){item.className = cName;}}}}
function convertTrees(){setDefault("treeClass","mktree");setDefault("nodeClosedClass","liClosed");setDefault("nodeOpenClass","liOpen");setDefault("nodeBulletClass","liBullet");setDefault("nodeLinkClass","bullet");setDefault("preProcessTrees",true);if(preProcessTrees){if(!document.createElement){return;}uls = document.getElementsByTagName("ul");for(var uli=0;uli<uls.length;uli++){var ul=uls[uli];if(ul.nodeName=="UL" && ul.className==treeClass){processList(ul);}}}}
function processList(ul){if(!ul.childNodes || ul.childNodes.length==0){return;}for(var itemi=0;itemi<ul.childNodes.length;itemi++){var item = ul.childNodes[itemi];if(item.nodeName == "LI"){var subLists = false;for(var sitemi=0;sitemi<item.childNodes.length;sitemi++){var sitem = item.childNodes[sitemi];if(sitem.nodeName=="UL"){subLists = true;processList(sitem);}}var s= document.createElement("SPAN");var t= '\u00A0';s.className = nodeLinkClass;if(subLists){if(item.className==null || item.className==""){item.className = nodeClosedClass;}if(item.firstChild.nodeName=="#text"){t = t+item.firstChild.nodeValue;item.removeChild(item.firstChild);}s.onclick = function(){this.parentNode.className =(this.parentNode.className==nodeOpenClass) ? nodeClosedClass : nodeOpenClass;return false;}}else{item.className = nodeBulletClass;s.onclick = function(){return false;}}s.appendChild(document.createTextNode(t));item.insertBefore(s,item.firstChild);}}}