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Welcome to my page devoted to Perl. The goal isn't to re-do any of the great Perl Resources available on Internet, and it certainly won't be the most helpful Perl web site you'll find, but it's a place for me to highlight a few things I do and to point out some of my favorite Perl things on Internet. It will grow. I promise.

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Perl Icons
These are icons I created to use in Windows 95. I associate them with .pl and .pm extensions, and it helps me tell at a glance that a file is a Perl file, and whether or not it's a module or script. Colors are taken from the Camel books, of course, and seemed pretty appropriate :)
Zip File
Graph.pm 2/12/97
Bug Fix
Bug Fix: inserted "if $debug" on line 712, changed line 513
Modified: GD.pm changed in the latest builds of ActivePerl. Changed output format to be the same for unix and NT.
This is a graphing module I begin working on that makes graph-generation very quick and easy, but give good-looking results. It works, but I am no longer maintaining or upgrading it. I just don't have the time or interest at this point. You are welcome to use it and expand on it however you wish.
GD.pm 4/2/00
This is a zip file of GD.pm for Windows. It's the older version that supports GIF input/output, to be used with Graph.pm and Mapplot.
  • GD.zip
    Unzip this file using Winzip in your \Perl\Site\lib directory.
    It will create the auto\GD directory.
MapPlot 4/2/00
This is a map of the US and associated routines to find the X,Y coordinates on the image that correspond to latitude/longitude positions. It's simple, but very handy if you're looking to map cities, locations, etc.

It also includes a huge file of almost 24,000 US cities and their lat/long locations.
  • Readme.txt explaining the program.
  • Example Output of all cities in the included database (image scaled down).
  • Zip file containing map, routines, example, and city database.

Sorry, but that's it for now!
If you have any comments on the style of this page (which I kind of like :) I'd love to hear from you at matt.com. Thanks!


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