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I wanted a way to get a quick snapshot of who had visited my web site in the last couple of hours and what they looked at. After putting in some new links, I wondered what path people were taking through my site and where they had come from. So I wrote this utility and have been using it and slowing adding to it ever since.

It basically lets you look at the last x number of lines from the web server's log and puts it into useable form. It assumes that each IP address identifies a separate person, which is not always correct, but for my purposes it's a safe bet. It then lists accesses sorted by individual and lets you see where people are going in your site.


  • View activity by user and see where they went in your site
  • Date and time, page, status code, and referer info shown
  • View search words used to arrive at your site
  • Re-execute queries by clicking on the [Q]
  • External referring sites are links so you can easily go see who is linking to your page
  • Call the script with an argument like access.pl?25 to only process the last 25 lines (150 is default)

  • Perl 5
  • A Unix web server allowing CGI scripts
    (This program uses the unix 'tail' command, which NT does not have)
  • Extended Log Format log file