Bookmarks Tree Creator

Version:  1.0 Last Modified:  Jun 8, 1998


This is a simple CGI utility to create a Javascript tree (see my JavaScript Tree Utility) from a Netscape bookmarks file.

Just submit your bookmarks file and a full tree is returned to you, including entries marked as "new" if they were added in the last week. Any user can use this utility, then copy the returned source code to put on their site for an impressive list of links!

Or, you can upload your bookmarks file and have it read from the file each time, rather than submitting your bookmarks file!


  1. Copy the to your server and make sure it is executable
  2. Change the following lines to match your site:
    $days_new = 7;
    $base = "";  (Put the FULL path to the path of your image files. ex: /images/bookmarks/ )
  3. Do one of the steps below:
If you want to Upload your bookmark.htm each time you need to: Or, if you want the script to Read from a file on the server you need to:

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