Test Drive








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  • Frames
  • Sometimes this script can have quirks, due to a browser's implementation of JavaScript. But it usually works correctly.


  1. Extract the zip or tar file and make sure a 'tree' subdirectory is created
  2. Edit the tree.html file and change the 'dbAdd' statements to reflect your contents. The format is in the file and is very simple. Just add as many lines as you need. Experiment!
  3. Open navigate.html in your browser and it should open a frames document containing your JavaScript tree.
  4. Change tree.html as needed, to match your own site's style
  5. When linking to navigate.html, you can include the URL to start on in the right frame, such as navigate.html?/scripts/index.html
    This will open up the content tree in the left frame and /scripts/index.html in the right frame.