Perl Scripts

"Matt Kruse makes a set of Perl scripts available via the Web that anyone who runs a web server will find useful."
- Thom Stark , LAN Times

I no longer maintain or update these scripts. I wrote them quite a while ago as a learning experience and have since moved on to other things. I have left them here with hopes that they will help someone else. I can't answer questions about them (no time!) but you are free to look around and see if there is anything that you could use.

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Image Indexer
A very simple script - it takes your images in any directory and makes an index HTML document containing them. I'm sure someone will find it useful...maybe

Raytraced Access Stats
This has got to be the coolest way to analyze your access_log yet :). It outputs source code for the POV raytracer and creates a complete 3-D graph of your stats.

Countdown Script
This is a very simple script, and is almost like the reverse of a counter script. Instead of counting up, it counts down to a specific date.

Form Response Mailer
This is a great script for those of you who want the responses to FORMs to be mailed to you. It is easy to use, can be used site-wide for any number of users, and outputs a nice, readable message to you. It even handles things other scripts don't, like multiple recipients.

Comments Page
This script allows you to easily and quickly create a comments page, whether you know anything about perl, cgi, forms, or even html. You can just get the script, run it, and everything will be done for you.

WWW Access Statistics
Since a lot of the people with WWW pages at my school wanted an easy way to find out how many accesses their pages are getting, who is going there, etc, I wrote this as an easy interface for them. They can get all the information they want without knowing how to do it with unix or accessing the logs.

Graphical Access Stats
This script will compile the stats of the access_log and create a graphical results page. The results will onyl be viewable through Netsacpe 1.1, but nontheless it is pretty cool. I haven't seen something like this done before.

Table Generator
Creating lots of tables takes a lot of time, and this script is a solution that will make it easy for you. You can specify the size of the table, then fill in the cells and check some options and the table (along with the HTML source) will be automatically generated!

Access Counter
Everyone wants to have a little counter of how many people accessed their page, right? Well, many do. This script makes it easy for anyone to add a counter that can be used by everyone on a site and everyone calls it the same way. It even locks the files to prevent screwed-up numbers. Works great.

Mail Links Generator
Do you get lots of mail? Do your mail messages contain WWW sites that you want to check out later? If so, this script will automatically pull them out and update your own personal hotlist so you can easily go to them laster.

User Statistics Script
If you are a system administrator, or just a curious user, you will like this script. It outputs an analysis of login and useage information for a specific user, or for all users on a site. It is written specifically for linux, but could be adapted to other systems.